Temple Beth Tikvah observes Shabbat with services on Friday night (8:00 pm) and Saturday morning (10:00am).  We use the Reform siddur and Reform Chumash and see and understand ourselves as a Reform congregation. However, our understanding of Reform Judaism is from within the context of Jewish tradition as it has developed for thousands of years. We represent a traditional orientation that has much in common with Reform Judaism as it exists today in Great Britain.

It is customary in our synagogue to wear Kippot (head coverings) and Talliot (prayer shawls). About two-thirds of our Shabbat and festival services are chanted or read in Hebrew, with the remainder in English. We customarily call several aliyot to the Torah. Our ritual practice regarding food and what we do or don't do on Shabbat within the synagogue reflects a more traditional orientation than found in many Reform synagogues. We believe that one can be a Reform or Liberal Jew and still display a high level of Jewish observance. We seek to be active, positive, observing Jews with the conviction that Judaism can enrich our lives.

Our emphasis at Beth Tikvah in all areas of synagogue life - worship, social or business - is on the teachings of our religious life and its spiritual orientation.

SUMMER HOURS: to be listed in the spring of 2016

Rabbi Shuval-Weiner and Cantor Kassel
Bar Mitzvah Torah Reading