Campaign 31 - Building for our Future

Help us meet our 2017-18 Annual Campaign goal of $125,000 by making an inspired commitment!

We are coming off an impressive 30th Year Anniversary Annual Campaign, during which we raised $123,775. Perhaps more gratifying is that we had a record 43% participation rate from our congregation. Several congregants even made multi-year commitments. 

This year’s effort – “Campaign 31: Building for the Future” – will continue this momentum by laying the foundation for the next 30 years of financial security. Our Campaign 31 goal is $125,000.

For most of us, TBT has been a valuable part of our Jewish identity. It’s the place we come together to worship, learn, celebrate and seek comfort in times of loss. While its significance cannot be expressed in terms of dollars – and certainly cannot be replaced by alternative ad hoc or virtual options – the fact is that TBT is here for us thanks to financial support of our congregants, whether in the form of annual Nadiv Lev commitments or in supplemental support like the Annual Campaign.

Make Your Commitment to the Annual Campaign!

Whether you are relatively new to TBT or have been a part of the congregation for some or all of its history, we ask that you consider participating in Campaign 31. We are pleased that every Board of Trustees member has already made a commitment to the campaign.

Participating in the campaign is easy:

• Complete the commitment form and return it to the TBT office at your earliest convenience, or

• Click on this Annual Campaign link to complete the form to do an online payment.

If possible, please consider a multi-year commitment.

We are grateful for your continued commitment to TBT!

Your TBT Fundraising Committee

Andy Zalkin, Chair
Dale Bearman
Ruben Braiter
Harlan Graiser
Steve Kraus
Rhonda Povlot
Rob Rickles
Harvey Rosenzweig
Mark Rudel
Dave Shapiro
Ron Swichkow

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