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We believe that Jewish communal life shouldn’t end when children are picked up in the carpool line following religious school. Temple Beth Tikvah's Senior Youth Group is for children in grades 9th – 12th.

The group enjoys a wide variety of age-appropriate activities, some Jewish in nature, some secular in nature. All are fun and serve to bring our children together as Jews.

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What’s HOTTY?

HOTTY stands for House of Tikvah Temple Youth. This is the youth group for all high schoolers (9th-12th grades) at Temple Beth Tikvah.

What is NFTY-SAR?

HOTTY is part of the national Reform Jewish youth movement, called North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY). NFTY is split into 19 different regions. HOTTY is part of the NFTY-Southern Area Region (NFTY-SAR). NFTY-SAR hosts several regional events throughout the year giving teens from different temple youth groups a chance to meet each other during weekend retreats.

Is this a part of BBYO?

No, HOTTY is affiliated with NFTY, a reform synagogue-based youth movement. BBYO is a pluralistic teen movement, run out of the JCC in Atlanta.

Why should my teen get involved in youth group?

Being part of youth group is a great chance for your teen to get involved in the synagogue.  Youth group is a fun and social place for your teen to hang out and make new Jewish friends.  We do a variety of activities from bowling and laser tag to social action events, so there is sure to be a program that will appeal to everyone.  Youth group also offers teens leadership opportunities and the chance to plan and run programs.

Do you provide transportation to events?

While we do not provide transportation to or from HOTTY events, we will be happy to help you arrange carpools with other families coming to the event.

How much does it cost?

The cost of organizing and staffing events is covered by your temple dues.  The activity and food costs are additional and depending on the event, usually range between $5 and $20. We try to keep the cost to you as low as possible.

How often do you have events?

HOTTY events are held approximately once a month. Almost all events take place on Saturday evenings.  In addition, NFTY-SAR holds several regional weekend retreats throughout the year which HOTTY members are encouraged to attend. 

How do I find out about youth group events?

Youth group events are advertised in many different places throughout the synagogue – emails are sent out to our Youth Group lists, announcements are made at Kesher, HOTTY Facebook Page (, and the Next 10 Days. If you are not receiving the emails, contact youth@temple to be added to our mailing list.

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