Religious School

Religious School at Temple Beth Tikvah

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August 28th at 6 pm - Journey through Kesher

August 27th - First Day of Sunday Relgious School

Dear Parents,

At Temple Beth Tikvah, we believe that our children are Judaism's future. We seek to open their eyes to the Jewish experience, its lessons, rituals, and values. We impart the culture of Judaism to enrich a child's sense of individual purpose and self as part of the community. Our students are asked to question ideas and share religious philosophies.

Since each student is important to us, we have worked diligently on developing a curriculum that meets the needs of each and every child. The curriculum is designed to teach our students utilizing a variety of methods: traditional classroom instruction, music, and arts & crafts. Our studies are built developmentally which allows each student to grow in knowledge from concept introduction to concept mastery. Our curriculum includes the study of holidays, Hebrew, bible, prayer, G-d concepts, history, and tzedakah.

Our education programs begin in pre-school and run through seventh grade and the Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  Classes are held Sundays and Tuesdays.

Through arts and crafts, music, field trips, and discussions,children learn about Jewish holidays, observances, and symbols. They further their education learning Hebrew, Jewish history, and Jewish ideals, as well as Torah, the Prophets, and the concept of tzedakah.

After Bar and Bat Mitzvah, our teens continue their Jewish education at TBT through our Kesher program for 8th and 9th graders and Confirmation Program (10th grade) led by Rabbi Shuval-Weiner. After Confirmation, we have the Kivunim program for 11th and 12th grades to help our students think about what comes next such as religion on the college campus.

Our faculty consists of exceptionally talented professionals who are dedicated to the school and have contributed substantially to having our school recognized as of the best in the Atlanta area.

Thank you for choosing Temple Beth Tikvah for your child's continued Jewish Education.


If you have any questions about Temple Beth Tikvah's Education Programs please contact the school at 770-642-4168.